Google Maps Speedometer Will Help To Avoid Breaking Traffic Rules

Google Maps speedometer will help to avoid breaking Traffic Rules
2018-02-02 01:24:59

Google Maps speedometer will help to avoid breaking Traffic Rules

Google Maps has become a special need for us today, as it is quite helpful. Now Google has added a new feature to its navigation app Google Android’s version.  The new feature has been added is termed as “Speedometer”. Google map user can view this feature in the ‘Settings’ menu of the Google Maps app and turn it on. Previously Google had introduced the Speed Limit feature. The Company has spent 2 years in testing this feature, and then it has given this feature in 40 countries including India.

The special feature, included in Google Maps, is to get information on which roads are allowed to be installed on the speed limit; a new feature will also alert the user to get a complete idea of speed. When the user turns on Google Map, the driving speed will appear on the bottom side of the left side of the screen, in which the speed of the user vehicle will be known.

If the driver drives the vehicle according to the speed limit feature, then the driver will not be able to break the traffic rules and will not have to pay the fines for breaking any traffic rule. The color of the indicator will turn red if the driver crosses the speed limit pre-entered in the feature. But the important thing to note about the apps feature is that it runs on the mobile internet so the result about the update speed of the vehicle may get slightly delayed depending on the speed of the internet of the location.

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