Bike For Rs 999 And Take Home Car For Rs 9999

Bike for Rs 999 and Take Home Car for Rs 9999
2018-02-02 01:25:12

Bike for Rs 999 and Take Home Car for Rs 9999

The festive season is about to begin in India. Companies are going to bring many good offers to customers at this time to increase their sales. Droom, a company that deals in online automobiles, announced its annual ‘Diwali Auto Fair’ which will run from 6 September to 8 November.

8 weeks festival

Earlier this year, the same fair was organized which ran for 4 weeks and the budget was 25 crore. But, this time this fair will run for 8 weeks and the budget is around 50 crores. Apart from this, good offers will be given at the fair this time on new and old vehicles, roadside assistance, helmets, and other automobile accessories.

These are the offers:-

1)            Selected bike/scooters @ Rs. 999/day.

2)            Selected cars @ Rs. 9,999/day.

3)            Selected Luxury car @ Rs. 99,999/day.

4)            Insurance – up to 15% cashback on premium, up to 75% off.

5)            RSA – Starting from Rs. 25.

6)            Accessories – starting from Rs. 9 – Helmet, Car perfume, etc.

Option for EMI

Customers opting for EMI will get a special offer of ‘ No EMI’ for the first three months. In addition, a processing fee will be paid to customers taking Droom Meals loan or insurance, i.e. the Droom Meals will be credited to their account during the buying season.

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