Driving On Wrong Side Will Cost Life Ban

Driving on Wrong Side will Cost Life Ban
2018-02-02 01:24:59

Driving on Wrong Side will Cost Life Ban

Road Safety record in India is not up to the mark. Every year thousands of people lose their life due to negligence and mostly Vehicle drivers are also responsible for their negligence towards traffic guidelines.  The scenario is changed in the past few days as the traffic guidelines are getting much tougher by the Administration.

Recently, Ahmedabad Traffic Police has initiated a campaign for regularising the following of traffic rules strictly. In this campaign, if the vehicle driver is found guilty in not following the traffic guidelines, then their driving license will be seized by the Administrative officers and will face a life ban.

Under this new initiative, anyone found driving on the wrong side then the Driver or rider will be blacklisted for the first time and if found guilty for the second time then FIR would be filed and the paper of the vehicle will be sent to RTO and finally the license will be cancelled of the Driver.

Earlier RTO used to blacklist the defaulters if they were caught for the fifth time. But this new amendments have provided more power to Ahmedabad’s Traffic Administration and also for the people for driving safely and sensibly on the road and follow the traffic rules for the betterment.

This initiative by Ahmedabad Traffic Police will be the most important step towards the safe drive on the roads and it will also provide safety for the pedestrian on road.

With this kind of strict traffic rule, the people will have no other options rather than to follow the traffic rule seriously. Yet this traffic amendment will not be applicable in other parts of India except Ahmedabad. Hence, the Administrative bodies should implement this kind of rule for the betterment and safety of the society on road.

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