Bajaj Soon To Re-launch Its Scooter Segment Under The Flagship Of Urbanite

Bajaj Soon to Re-launch its Scooter segment under the flagship of Urbanite
2018-02-02 01:25:12

Bajaj Soon to Re-launch its Scooter segment under the flagship of Urbanite

The Leading two-wheeler manufacturing company of India Bajaj is all set to re-launch its Scooter segment under the name of Urbanite. Earlier, it was disclosed by the company that they will launch electric scooter instead of the petrol model.

The company has been working on this scooter for a long time and many important decisions have also been taken till now. A new business unit has been also formed by the company for their Electric Vehicle Department namely, UBU (Urbanite Business Unit). The newly formed unit is kept separate from Bajaj’s existing business unit namely, MBU, IBU( Intra-city business unit), EBU(Export business Unit) and PBU (Pro-biking business unit).

The existence of electric scooter journey is quite old but it has not gained popularity in the Indian market. The electric scooter journey started in India with the launch of Hero Yo-Bike. However, after the launch of Ather Electric Scooter recently in the Indian market, this segment became the center of discussion.

In the past, Mahindra’s Genze electric scooter was also seen during its testing on Indian roads and it is also expected to get launched in the coming days.  Due to special emphasis on the electric vehicle by the Government of India, many new companies will try out in this field. Bajaj is also in the preparation through Urbanite e-Scooter before acquiring the popularity of electric vehicles in India.

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