The All-New Honda Civic To Be Launched In India In March 2019

The All-New Honda Civic to be Launched in India in March 2019
2018-02-02 01:24:59

The All-New Honda Civic to be Launched in India in March 2019

World’s renowned automobile manufacturing Company Honda has made an official announcement regarding the launch of its Civic 10th generation in India.  The all-new Honda Civic will be launched on 7th March 2019. The all-new Honda Civic 2019 will fall in the same segment and compete along with Hyundai Elantra, Skoda Octavia, and Toyota Corolla Altis.
Presently, Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in its segment, and the cost of Corolla is much cheaper than the estimated price of all-new Honda Civic. In the recent statement by the vice president of Honda car in India is that Honda has the target to increase the sale of D-segment Car with the Honda Civic 2019.
The all-new Honda Civic 2019 will fulfill the requirements of the customer wanting to upgrade their car segment in which Honda City falls, but are beyond the thought of SUV. The design of all-new Honda Civic 2019 will also attract the customers opting for Mercedes-Benz and BMW.
Previously, Honda Civic was available as a hybrid vehicle in the Indian market, but presently there is no such option available for the all-new Honda Civic 2019. However, almost the whole range of Honda is available with Hybrid engine in the International market, and if required, the hybrid version will also be available for the Indian market.
The all-new Honda Civic will come with the options for both Petrol and Diesel versions. The petrol version will come with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, which will generate 140 pcs of power and peak torque around 174 Nm. The all-new Honda Civic 2019 will have a 7-step automatic transmission with pedal shifts on the steering wheel.
The all-new Honda Civic 2019 Diesel variant will come with the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, which will generate the maximum power of 120 pcs and torque of around 300 Nm. Only 6-speed manual transmission will be available in the Diesel variant of all-new Honda Civic 2019. According to ARAI certification, the petrol version of all-new Honda Civic 2019 will give the mileage of 16.5 km per liter, whereas, the Diesel version of the Civic 2019 model will give 26.8 km per liter of mileage.

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