MG Hector Will Be The Company's First Internet Car

MG Hector will be the company's first Internet Car
2018-02-02 01:24:59

MG Hector will be the company's first Internet Car

Renowned automobile manufacturing company MG Motors India has unveiled its upcoming SUV MG Hector’s cabin features. It will be the company’s first internet car; MG Hector will be given a new Advanced Connectivity System, which will be known as the next generation i-smart system. This will be a complete integrated solution that adds software, hardware, connectivity services and applications. The company has developed this system with the help of several technology partners such as Cisco, Unlimit and Microsoft. The i-smart connectivity system comes with advanced technology, smart applications, built-in apps, artificial intelligence (AI), smart features, voice assist and the infotainment system.

The system’s command centre is a vertically mounted 10.4-inch ultra large Full-HD infotainment display in the centre that will come with pre-loaded entertainment content and allows the user to manage the vehicle settings.  MG Motors has stated that the display screen can withstand the high-temperature conditions of India. For full-time connectivity, the system will come with the first machine with the machine embedded SIM and this SUV Internet protocol version 6 will come with 5G ready which will make it future proof. Features like Real Time navigation, Remote Location, Geo-fencing, Emergency Response and much more will be provided in this system.

In addition to smart connectivity, MG Hector will update the software through over-the-air (OTA) downloads like any smartphone, such as firmware and feature updates. Along with these mentioned features, the car will come with pre-loaded apps like TomTom IQ, Maps, Gaana Premium and Accuweather apps. In fact, MG Motor India will provide free data for its customers for the first few years. Microsoft will provide security of the system along with Cloud services to MG Motors.

The most important and main features of the i-smart system is that it has voice command system in Hector. The i-smart system will be operated by Nuance, the conventional AI provider of China and this system is designed in such a way that access to multi-in-car functions such as sunroof control, climate control, navigations, etc., which can be accessed through voice commands.





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